Chain Driven Conveyor Belt

Chain drive conveyor belt is a kind of conveyor belt. It is mainly used to convey different objects. It is driven with a cross rod which connects the chain strands by either passing through or under the wire mesh fabric, the density of wire mesh fabric is chosen according to size of the product conveyed on the belt.

Chain driven conveyor belt assemblies employing a chain edge are also widely used due to their uniformity in pitch, high tensile strength with relatively light belt/chain weight, and good durability under severe loads.

Many different wire mesh configurations are available, including balance weave, double balance weave and conventional weave. Plastic modules are also available to serve as the product support surface.

It is usually used in conveyor roasting machine, baken oven, quenching tank, washing machine, fryer and freezer.


Belt edges

The types of cross rod finish at the exterior of the side chain are as follows:

With welded washer

It is the most common and economical style of finish to a chain edge belt, the cross rods through both mesh and edge chains. The cross rods are finished at the outside chains edges using a welded washer.

With cotter pin & washer

It is less economical, but this type assembly allows clients to replace the edge drive chains when the mesh and rods are still workable. The cross rods are finished at the outside with a drilled hole to allow the fitment of a washer and cotter pin.

Roller Chain Selection

Chain is normally selected according to the strength and speed required. The most frequently used types of chain for metal mesh conveyors are roller chain, employed for most room-to-medium temperature applications, and for heavier loads and higher temperature.

Typical chains for mesh belts

Single pitch roller chain Double pitch roller chain

Roller chain parameters

Single pitch roller chain
Chain No. Pitch Rod diameter
ISO GB ANSI mm inch mm inch
RC40 08A 12.7 1/2” 3.94 0.156”
RC50 10A 15.875 5/8” 5.08 0.200”
RC60 12A 19.05 3/4” 5.94 0.234”
RC80 16A 25.4 1” 7.94 0.312”
RC100 20A 31.75 1 1/4” 9.5 0.375”
RC120 24A 38.1 1 1/2” 11.1 0.437”

Double pitch roller chain
Chain No. Pitch Roller diameter Rod diameter
ISO GB ANSI mm inch mm inch mm inch
C208B 2040 25.4 1” 8.5 0.335” 4.45 0.175”
C208BL 2042 25.4 1” 15.88 0.625” 4.45 0.175”
C210A 2050 31.75 1.25” 10.16 0.40” 5.08 0.200”
C210AL 2052 31.75 1.25” 19.05 0.75” 5.08 0.200”
C212A 2060 38.1 1.5” 11.91 0.469” 5.94 0.234”
C212AL 2062 38.1 1.5” 22.23 0.875” 5.94 0.234”
C216A 2080 50.8 2” 15.88 1” 7.94 0.312”
C216AL 2082 50.8 2” 28.58 1.125” 7.94 0.312”
C220A 2100 63.5 2.5” 19.05 0.75” 9.5 0.375”
C220AL 2102 63.5 2.5” 39.66 1.561” 9.5 0.375”

The above roller chain size are the general size, if you need other types roller chain, please contact me.

Belt specification details

A Spiral wire pitch F Rod pitch
B Crimp wire pitch G Roller pitch
C Crimp wire diameter H Mesh width
D Spiral wire diameter I Roller centre width
E Rod diameter J Overall width

Materials available

Stainless steel 304
Stainless steel 316
Stainless steel 316L
Other materials demanded by the clients.