About Us

Welcome to ShouYing Company, we are one of the market leading manufacturer of wire mesh conveyor belt, PTFE conveyor belt, rubber conveyor belt, metal wire and wire mesh to industries such as screen printing, textile industry, IR or UV system, food processing, washing, drying, heating, roasting, freezing, cooling, foundries, agriculture, automotive and more.

Established in 1985, we have consistently grown, and now have three plant areas, and four office in Shanghai city, Shijiazhuang city, Beijing city,Hengshui city.

Our products have been sold to 5 Continents, over 30 countries including USA, Italy, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and some countries and regions in Southeast Asia etc.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a Quality belt, on time deliveries and competitive prices. Although we are not the largest in our industry, we are second to none when it comes to quality. Most of our key employees have been with ShouYing Company since day one. They are the heart and soul of our company.

Products Applications
Drying, conveyor dryer, belt dryer, conveyor belt oven/furnace
Continuous microwave drying system
Screen printing
Textile industry
IR or UV system
Food processing, washing, heating, roasting, freezing, cooling
Heat treating, annealing, sintering, quenching
Canning industry
Metal working
Conveying industry
Mining, oil industry