Crimped Wire Mesh

Material: S.S./Iron/Steel Wire/Brass Wire
Features: Crimped Wire Mesh is woven by pre-crimped wire; it has the features of even mesh, strong structure
Application: Crimped wire mesh is used as fence or filters in a lot of industries; Heavy Duty Crimped Wire Mesh are also named Quarry Mesh, it is mostly used as screen in mining, coal factory, construction and other industries.
Crimped Wire Mesh
Mesh: 2Mesh-18Mesh
Wire Dia: 2.0MM-4.0MM
Width: 1.0-2.0M
Length: 30M
Packing: moist-proof paper/pallet
Heavy Duty Crimped Wire Mesh
Mesh Size: 2MM-30CM
Wire Dia: 1.0MM-6.0MM
Width: 1.0M
Length: 2.0M
Packing: Pallet