Flat Woven Wire Conveyor Belt

Flat woven wire conveyor belt also known as honeycomb conveyor belt. There is a good durability and an open belt design whilst maintaining a flat carrying surface.

It can be driven by metal sprocket, nylon sprocket or chain. Its advantages include flat surface, easily cleanable, endless splicing, positive sprocket drive, easy to replace a section that is damaged or worn down, open for drainage and air circulation.

Flat woven wire belt has many and varied uses, its typical application include drying, heating, washing, cooling, freezing, cooking, baking, breading, transporting, packaging, canning, painting, loading, recycling, proofing.


Belt edges

There is two following types

Clinched Edge Welded Edge

Belt specification details

A Flat wire pitch
B Rod pitch
C Rod diameter
D Flat wire thickness
E Flat wire width

General size

Standard weight and heavy duty variants are available and include 1" x 1", 1/2" x 1", and modified 1/2" x 1" , 1/2" x 1/2" mesh designation. .

The general size are shown in the table.


Flat wire pitch
Rod pitch
Rod diameter
Flat wire thickness and width
FW-12.7-25.4-3.0-1.2×10.0 12.7 25.4 3.0 1.2×10.0
FW-12.7-27.3--3.0-1.2×10.0 12.7 27.3 3.0 1.2×10.0
FW-12.7-27.3--5.0-1.2×10.0 12.7 27.3 5.0 1.2×10.0
FW-15.0-25.4-3.0-1.2×10.0 15.0 25.4 3.0 1.2×10.0
FW-15.0-28.0-3.0-1.2×10.0 15.0 28.0 3.0 1.2×10.0
FW-25.4-25.4-4.5-1.2×10.0 25.4 25.4 4.5 1.2×10.0
FW-25.4-25.4-4.9-1.6×12.7 25.4 25.4 4.9 1.6×12.7
FW-25.4-27.53-4.9-1.6×12.7 25.4 27.53 4.9 1.6×12.7
FW-27.53-27.53-3.0-1.2×10.0 27.53 27.53 3.0 1.2×10.0
FW-27.53-27.53-4.9-1.6×12.7 27.53 27.53 4.9 1.6×12.7
FW-38.1-38.1-4.9-1.6×16.0 38.1 38.1 4.9 1.6×16.0
FW-50.8-50.8-4.9-1.6×16.0 50.8 50.8 4.9 1.6×16.0

Individual size

Apart from the general sizes above we are able to provide custom built specifications and the table below gives the framework of availability. Please contact us to discuss availability in detail as further restrictions do apply to flat strip section size required.

  Rod pitch(mm)
Rod dia.(mm) from(mm) to(mm)
2.0-3.0 12.7 30.0
4.0-4.5 13.7 29.0
4.9-5.0 25.4 50.8

Materials available

Stainless steel 304
Stainless steel 316
Galvanized steel
High carbon steel
Other materials demanded by the clients.


In order to choose the most appropriate sprocket material for you application, please considering the conditions under which the belt will operate. Conditions such as temperature variations, erosion, abrasion.

Sprocket material include:
Stainless steel, Cast iron, Nylon, Delrin.

Bore: Bores are typically circular, but square bores may be special ordered, size of the bore depends on the sprocket size and specification.
Keyway: Keyway size is provided according to clients demands. Quantity:0,1, or 2.

There is two types of sprockets:

This is holistic type sprocket, this type sprocket cann’t divided into two parts.

This is open type sprocket, this type sprocket can be divided into two parts, it can be connected by bolts. This sprocket can be installed easily.

We will design proper sprocket according to the belt size and working conditions, if you have any demands, please contact me immediately.