Flat Flex Wire Conveyor Belt

Flat flex wire conveyor belt is named as ladder conveyor belt, chocolate belt or washing belt as well, it is usually manufactured from hard, high-carbon stainless steel material.  There is some advantages for this belt, including large open area, small transfers, accurate tracking, easy to clean.

Its applications include: enrobing, frying, washing, baking, drying, coating, battering, cooling, freezing, cooking.


Edge loop types

It include two types, one is single loop, the other is double loop.

Belt specification details

A Total belt width
B Pitch(centre to centre of wire)
C Wire diameter
D Number of spaces
E Loop width
F Space width

General size

Pitch(mm) Wire diameter(mm)
FF-01 4.30 1.27
FF-02 5.50 1.00
FF-03 6.00 1.27
FF-04 7.26 1.57
FF-05 9.60 2.08
FF-06 12.70 1.83
FF-07 12.70 2.34
FF-08 20.32 2.34

Flat flex wire conveyor belt is available in a wide range of wire diameters & pitches. We produces in excess of 100 pitch & wire diameter specifications, available in widths ranging from 30mm to 4,500mm, If you have any demands,please contact us.

Materials available

Stainless steel 304
Stainless steel 316
Stainless steel 316L
Stainless steel 302
Carbon steel
Other materials demanded by the clients

Belt joining tubes

The joining tubes can be used to create a hybrid join between a full strand weave and the use of joining clips. A single strand is cut into smaller single space sections, which are woven into the belt and joined together by crimping a stainless steel joining tube onto adjacent wire sections.


In order to choose the most appropriate sprocket material for you application, please considering the conditions under which the belt will operate. Conditions such as temperature variations, erosion, abrasion.
Sprocket material include
Stainless steel, Nylon, Delrin.

Bore: Bores are typically circular, size of the bore depends on the sprocket size and specification.
Keyway: Keyway size is provided according to clients demands. Quantity:0,1, or 2.

If you demand good conveyor belt and sprocket, please contact our company, we will supply belt and sprocket drawings and delivery a totally customised solution for you application.